Don't expect a Body Wrap or a Body Scrub to be a massage. You can get both treatments - Body Wrap and Massage, or Body Scrub and Massage - or look for signature treatments that include scrub, body wrap and massage. ** NOTE: If you have claustrophobia, this may not be the right treatment for you.** You might be left alone during the treatment. If that bothers you, ask before you book the service. 

The Benefits of Body Treats

Organic Body Wraps

Body wraps use detoxifying organic materials to draw toxins from the body and soften skin. Body wraps are designed to improve the texture and appearance of the skin by helping to rid the body of excess fluids and toxins. Benefits of body wraps may include detoxification, boosting of the lymphatic system and metabolism, body contouring, temporary inch-loss, skin tightening, and skin softening. 

Organic Body Scrubs/ Salt Glows

Most Body Scrubs use a blend of oils with fine and coarse grains, and are followed with the application of emollient lotions to further soften skin. This process not only exfoliates skin, but it aids in cellulite control. Once dull dead top layers of skin are removed, smoother, livelier looking skin is revealed. Proper brushing involves gentle massaging motions. Salt Scrubs, also known as salt glows and sea salt scrubs, are means of hydrating skin, exfoliating skin, providing minerals to skin, and drawing water impurities out from skin in a detoxifying sort of way. Sugar Scrubs are often used during scrubs because simple sugars are part of skin's genetic make-up. Some believe scrubbing with sugar imitates or reinforces the moisturizing plumpness effect skin's natural sugar provides.